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The following information is provided for general help with using the service. If you require further help with using the service, please contact David.McGuigan@ipes.com

User Guidance Notes

The User Guidance Notes are available as a PDF and demonstrate basic usage of the site.


Douments on the LP-Services website are in PDF format. If you have trouble viewing PDF documents, you can download the latest Adobe viewer from the Adobe website

Get Acrobat Reader

If for any reason your browser is still unable to display a document, you can save the document on your computer by right-clicking and selecting 'Save as'.


This site is optimised for modern browsers and above that support HTML 4 and CSS2. Although every effort has been taken to ensure that the site can be used in older browsers, some pages may not display properly as a result of this. The newest versions of browsers that support the latest standards can be found by following the links below.

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